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Max. Reach : 14,30 m (* 16,30 m) ( 46,9 ft (* 53,5 ft) )
Max. SWL : 2,88 t (# 5,60 t) ( 6349 lbs (# 12346 lbs) )
Load moment : 118 kNm ( 87032 ft-lb )

ATLAS 125.2 / 125 CS

As one of the leading manufacturers in the truck-mounted loader crane segment in Germany we offer a comprehensive range of products and have a suitable solution for any logistics issue.
We supply more than 45 different base versions and a large number of varieties regarding capacity, reach and features as well as attachment tools which are uncomplicated and easy to fit, providing our customers with technology that impresses with effectiveness, comfort, power, and safety.
Of course all our machines comply with the regulations of the new machinery directive for loader cranes.

ACM -— safety under control
ACM (Atlas Crane Management) is the reliable central element of the Atlas loading cranes’ control system. This allows the driver to fully concentrate on his work while ACM monitors operational safety. For trouble-free operation the system is fully monitored in real time; this includes overload protection, emergency switch-off and other safety-relevant devices.

CS cranes: simple and strong
CS cranes are reduced to the essential: pure lifting. They work without electrical control system or components – an advantage where price and maintenance work are concerned. The overload protection works purely hydraulically. It is specially designed for the non-European market and manufactured in compliance with DIN 15018. These standard-type models are the ideal cranes for everyday application.

LM+: the performance plus
There when you need it: actuating LM+ increases the lifting moment by about 15%, whilst decreasing the working speed at the same time. This allows handling of a greater load at maximum reach without exceeding the key data for safety and statics.

E-Series: excellent technology for more productivity
E-Series cranes are equipped with a comprehensive package of comfort and safety features, enabling you to work more efficiently with a focus on results and not operation. Based on thousands of operating hours world-wide, the E-series has demonstrated its worth as a reliable support.

More comfort
The standard radio remote control lets you operate work functions as well as control setup functions such as support and lateral hydraulic extension.

More power
eLM+ is integrated for 15% more lifting moment and is automatically switched on at 80% of the performance limit. The electronic system regulates work speed in accordance with the load.

More safety
The crane is switched off automatically when necessary.
EAW — electronic support width measuring for optimum stability of the truck.
Optional: electronic stability monitoring controlled by sensors at the frame of the truck.

Max. Reach : 14,30 m (* 16,30 m) ( 46,9 ft (* 53,5 ft) )
Max. SWL : 2,88 t (# 5,60 t) ( 6349 lbs (# 12346 lbs) )
Load moment : 118 kNm ( 87032 ft-lb )


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